Oil & Gas Extraction

We supply heat and corrosion-resistant products required by onshore and offshore projects. Our stainless and nickel alloys are ideal for the cost-effective manufacturing of pumps, valves, and process-control equipment used in the extraction of oil and gas.

Aerospace Engineering

Our wide range of products provide solutions to the aerospace industry’s demand for materials that can withstand immense pressures. Stainless and nickel alloys offer varying resistances to oxidation and corrosion that fit the needs of aircraft manufacturing and development.

Chemical & Process Industries

The high-performance, high-grade products we offer have the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh substances, and intense processes that the chemical and process industries require. They are ideal for procedures that use heat exchangers, furnaces, pipes, pumps and valves.

Marine Engineering

Sea water applications use nickel alloys for offshore platforms due to their oxidation and corrosion resistance. Propulsion motors, propeller blades, and sheathing for undersea communication cables, as well as power and process plants that use seawater as coolant utilize the same materials. Our nickel alloys withstand such severe conditions presented by the marine industry.

Power Generation

Excellent mechanical properties at extreme temperatures and outstanding resistance to pitting and corrosion have led stainless and nickel alloys to be widely used in power generation applications. Discs, pipes, pumps, shafts, and blades are some of the components utilized in these operations.

Food Production

Stainless steel offers versatility in food production as it performs well in extreme temperatures, allows for faster cleaning, and does not affect the taste of food during production. 304 and 316 are the most common grades use in the production and storage of food.

Construction & Building

The corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance of stainless steel make it suitable for architecture, building, and construction. Stainless steel provides low maintenance for handrails, cladding, roofing, drainage, wall support, and other structural applications.

Medical Applications

The durability, corrosion and rust resistance, and the ease of cleaning of stainless steel have increased its use in the medical field through machinery and equipment, medical tools, probes, and even medical implants. Our stock caters to the numerous needs imposed by medical applications.

Automotive Industry

Stainless steel is increasingly used in structural applications and exhaust systems of automobiles. The material helps reduce maintenance costs in the manufacturing of vehicles while having a lesser impact on the environment.